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Industry Associations

TRIARC TANK participates in and supports Industry Associations at the State, National, and Global level. We are active in these associations to promote and advocate for the use of LPG, to help move our industry forward, and to support our customers and partners.

High Performance

TRIARC TANK provides high quality steel pressure vessels serving energy and agricultural markets.  Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, since our founding in 1933, our innovation continues to impact and change the industry. From A.S.M.E. propane tanks to large scale storage systems, we provide the superior products and service you value and trust.


The path to TRIARC TANK

In the city of Dallas, Texas, in 1933, the founding of Trinity Steel, began on the banks of the Trinity River in a mule barn on Irving Boulevard. Butane and propane tanks were the first products made by Trinity Steel, the company that would over the next 85 years, evolve into the manufacturing powerhouse, Trinity Industries (NYSE – TRN).

In those 85 years, Trinity Industries diversified into numerous industries, ranging from railcars to highway products. By 2018, the railcar related businesses dwarfed the other business units in Trinity Industries, including Trinity Containers, the legacy business of manufacturing propane tanks.

On November 1, 2018, the infrastructure related businesses of Trinity Industries separated to form a new, publicly traded company, Arcosa, Inc., (NYSE – ACA). Trinity Containers became Arcosa Tank. As Arcosa, Inc., developed their identity over the intervening 4 years, an opportunity to divest the Tank business in support of the new corporate strategy developed. On October 3, the sale of Arcosa Tank to Black Diamond Capital Management closed.  

With a nod to our predecessors, Trinity and Arcosa, we are now TRIARC TANK.