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ArcCladTM Benefits

  • A primer and topcoat system produces a superior coating that is more durable and resistant to the elements while providing enhanced edge protection compared to a conventional single-coat.
  • Conventional primer and  topcoat systems require a cure between the primer and topcoat applications; often at a different cure profile.
  • Conventional primer and topcoat systems provide the advantages of a two coat system, but can’t be done economically in most applications.
  • ArcCladTM, Super Durable Topcoat with y Zinc Rich Primer, provides an even stronger bond than a conventional two coat system at an economical cost.
  • ArcCladTM is an advanced single cure primer and topcoat.
  • ArcCladTM is TRIARK TANK´s standard above ground coating.
  • ArcCladTM offers all of the advantages of a two coat system, enhanced by the co reaction and cross-linking of the cure process, forming a superior aboveground tank coating.
Cre: December 14, 2018