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Vertical A.S.M.E. Tanks

57 -and 119 wg

Finished with ArcCladTM
Superior Aboveground Coating


Fabricated to A.S.M.E. code, Section VIII, Division 1
Registered with the National Board
Registered with CRN (Canadian Registration Number)

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Tank Features:

  • Taller collar to accommodate preferred regulator set-ups
  • Superior Coating
  • D.O1. 173.315(j) permits A.S.M.E. containers to be filled for transportation
  • Heavy duty bottom foot ring
  • Re-certification not required as compared with D.O.T. 4BW cylinders
  • #72 liquid level outage valve orifice


Conforms to the latest edition of the ASME code for Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1. Complies with NFPA 58.

Rated at 250 psig MAWP from -20° F. to 1252 F. All tanksmay be evacuated to a full (14.7 psi) vacuum.

Vessels are pre-purge with vacuum and conforms with National Propane Gas Association HH1133-89(a) Alternative Purge Process.

Vessel Finish: Coated with ArcCladTM, zinc rich epoxy primer and super durable TGIC polyester topcoat.


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