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Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks-(NH3) The Shorty

2,000 wg

Eyewash Container

Our tanks are equipped with permanently attached stainless steel brackets for top and sidemount eye wash container and safety kit (sold separately).

Tank Features:

  • 2000 NH3 60” O.D. x16′ 0” O.A.L. 120” leg space
  • 8′ shorter than standard 2000 NH3 tank
  • Front valve/gauge arrangement with removable guard
  • Standard (2) A502-45 gom1 1/2″ x1 1/2″ Liquid Withdrawal Valve(s)
  • Advanced combo 85% percentage Liquid Level/Pressure Gauge
  • Standard (2) fill valves

Fabricated to A.S.M.E. code, Section VIII, Division 1

Complies with CGA G-2.1

Registered with the National Board

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Rated at 250 psig from -20° F. to 125° F.

Vessel is externally blasted per  SSPC-SP6 and externally coated with ArcCladTM Acrylic Polyurethane

All coupling and openings double pass welded and located in the head of the tank

Standard Stainless Steel Float Gauge


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